Do You See What I See?

National Geographic
National Geographic

Our eye are mere instruments, passively receiving the light that is reflected of off objects. Our eyes, in a very real sense, do not do anything with this information, these patterns of the visible spectrum. All that we call seeing is the work of our brain, the giant wet computer that sits atop our bodies, collating all the data that comes in. It is only in our brain that sense is made of all the information gathered by those curiously arranged orbs we call “peepers.”

Is it really any wonder that our brains are a mite busy, that it doesn’t always have time to report back to us, on a conscious level, every little thing it has seen, smelled, tasted and touched? Of course not and that’s where Sense come into play, Sense is that little “extra” that our brain can send us, without explanation or understanding. Extra Sensory Perception? Quite the opposite.

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  1. John says:

    seeing is believing

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