3 Simple Steps to Discovery

What have you discovered today? Was it a new restaurant or the fact that thin ties are back in? Did you find the perfect spot for your couch or the best tasting beer at your local bar? Whatever it is, there were probably 3 everyday things that led you to your discovery. Because all discoveries, from Penicillin to the perfect pitcher, came from these three things:

1. Eyes open. Studying the world around you is the only way to find new things in it. If you don’t keep yourself aware of your surroundings you’re bound to miss tons of stuff!

2. Brain Flexibility. When you don’t allow yourself to think differently you don’t allow yourself to try new things or make new connections. Allowing your brain to be flexible means not getting stuck in a rut or refusing to try something new for no reason.

3. Objectivity. You may try something new, you may notice something new, but unless you are able to accurately describe it, detached from what other think or how you were always taught, you’re not going anywhere.

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