3 Steps to Keep the Dream Alive

A strong flame doesn't always mean longevity

Very often we find ourselves inspired. We feel moved and enlivened due to the words, actions or events of someone else. We see what one person, or one group, did and we are moved to do the same. The problem with inspiration such as this is that it is fleeting. Who hasn’t walked away from a speech fired up and ready to change to world, only to wake up the next day, same as always? Sadly, this is human nature- as easy as it is to be brought to the light by someone else, it is just as easy to fall back into the shadows by ourselves.

So what can we do? Must we, if we want to make a difference and live our dreams, attach ourselves to our inspirer? Give up our life and plans to follow them around so that we are always within earshot of their powerful rhetoric and moving presence? Surely not. What we, as regular people can do, is follow a few easy steps to make sure that even if the passion fades, the lesson remains:

1. Compose a plan of action then and there.

Don’t wait to get home to figure out how you’re going to change your life, write it, type it, scrawl it on your arm as soon as you are inspired. Don’t let the energy fade, leaving you with vague plans or ideas.

2. Tell others and ask them to help.

It is much harder to turn your back on other people, so get your friends and family involved. Ask them to help you out on your project or to join you in your mission.

3. Join an existing group.

Many dreams and goals are the sort of thing that can be shared- even if it’s writing a novel, there are workshops you can join to get inspiration and advice. If it’s something as simple as helping the homeless, sign up at a shelter or a soup kitchen.

When it comes to our dreams, it is not true that the ones that shine the shortest shine the brightest, so rather than letting your enthusiasm flare up for a day or two, do what it takes to keep that flame alive, forever.

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  1. So true – all summed up in the words “keep taking action”… 🙂

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