5 Ways to Perceive Obstacles

Most of us have the prejudice of viewing things in our way as detriments, as Obstacles. When we are thwarted in our goals we curse our fate and the objects in our way. But life simply isn’t that simple. Many times Obstacles can be gifts, they can be stepping stones, they can be exactly what we need. In today’s post we’re going to give you a little hint into the Ego Friendly mind and show you Five Ways to Perceive Obstacles as Positive Things:

1. A Challenge– An obstacle can be viewed as a call to arms, as it were. As if life was getting in your face and saying, “C’mon and try it, if you think you’re tough enough.” The only response to that, of course, is to make life eat those words.

2. A Stepping Stone– An obstacle can actually be just the thing you need to crack open the problem you are facing. What seems like a bigger problem could actually be the solution.

3. A Reminder– Sometimes we work so hard and do so well that we forget the difficulty and the danger involved in what we are doing, an obstacle can be a way to make sure you don’t get too cocky, that you take it slow and work with the proper amount of care.

4. An Opportunity– What appears to be the end of one Dream could very well be the start of another. Often the things that stop us from accomplishing one goal are only doorways into the fruition of another.

5. A Wake-up Call– Being as positive as you want doesn’t mean you always win. Sometimes a truly insurmountable obstacle is there to tell you that this goal is not yet within your reach. These obstacles can demoralize you unless you remember that you now have all the energy you were putting into this project to devote to another.

So, the next time you find yourself facing an Obstacle, look at it again- it might not be as bad as you think.

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