A Real Pain in the Neck!

So, I have this sharp sort of burning pain in my neck, a real wallop every time I move my head a certain way or too fast. At first, I thought I had just wrenched it one day or that taking the awakened baby into my bed at 3 AM had an even worse outcome than I had foreseen. Yet time passed and the pain did not. OK, I’ve been a little stressed. OK, my paychecks are not so timely. OK, so Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up. But should it really take me the inability to move my neck more than 15 degrees leftward to realize that I may be a bit stressed out?

Our bodies are more than just machines. Our bodies are not just flesh. The body is one of the most complex organisms in existence and it is rife with subtle interconnections and dependencies. We hurt not only to remind us that something was ill advised (playing tackle football with your teenage son and his pals) but also to warn us about our lives and our habits.
Chest hurt when you wake up? Maybe it’s about time to call that hot-line and quit smoking?

In my case it was the horrific pain in my neck that made me realize that I tense my shoulders and bristle with contracting neck muscles whenever I am annoyed. Honestly, I was aware of this most unseemly habit but I never thought it was that big a deal. I try to let little truly annoy me and what does is usually brief. The fact is that my neck was trying to send me a message. It was trying to warn me: TOO MUCH STRESS!!! Once I became more conscious of my neck, I became more aware of how many small inconsequential things were really getting me crazy. I took a step back, assessed and am trying to stay calmer. Not just think I’m staying calm, but actually relaxing, unclenching and trying to enjoy life with all its absurdities.

Our bodies can be amazing early warning systems. Our Sense is always giving us seemingly minor clues about life and our reactions to it. We must listen! If we don’t, what should just be a minor stress issue can become… (Yes, I’m going to say it) a real pain in the neck.

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3 Responses to “A Real Pain in the Neck!”

  1. Rev says:

    Good point…got to start listening to my senses more often. Would probably save me allot of unnecessary pain.

  2. Audrey says:

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  3. Daisy Clibon says:

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