A Roofer Listens to his Heart

Ever had one of those moments when everything relied on you? A tie vote or the final shot before the buzzer went off? You know what they call those? “The Deciding shot”, the “Deciding vote”. Why? What decision did you make that got you stuck as the one who had to make the final choice? What Decision was there? Haven’t you ever wanted, at a time like that, to scream, “I didn’t pick this, it just happened?”

Well, truth be told, you did pick this and it didn’t just happen. The choice to join that team, to be a part of that sub-committee, to take that job, all of those are decisions you made and every decision has consequences. Every action you take has repercussions. Only when you realize that will you be in a much better position to control the events that happen in your life.

Don’t believe us? Maybe Randall, Dante and the owner of “Done Rite Contracting” can change your mind:

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