Are You Smart?

Wisdom is about a lot more than just being smart. Intelligence is, in fact, one of the most unknowable and most difficult to measure things on the planet. It’s not how well you speak or how obscure your knowledge is. It’s not what books you’ve read or where you went to school. Wisdom is none of those things, though they can help you appear smart, surely.

No, Wisdom is that rare ability to take the knowledge that you have and apply it to the world around you. Being smart is not about showing off or doing great things, it is about being true to yourself and your past, being real. Real in the sense of making sense out of life and the events that take place around you.

A smart person is someone who watches the news but realizes that every media market has a slant. A smart person is someone who is willing to learn new things and learn them from anyone they can. A smart person is someone who believes in the power of knowledge, not the knowledge of power.

All that being said, how smart are you?

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