Blinkered and Burnt Out

From JalanJalan Travel Blog
From JalanJalan Travel Blog

We live in a very goal-oriented society; a world in which we are encouraged to focus on an objective and do our damnedest to achieve it. Now, while this is an admirable quality it can also be, like so many other admirable qualities, taken too far.

When we willfully blinker ourselves for some goal we are not only excluding distractions and derailments, we are also depriving ourselves of interactions and activities that can often have a very positive effect on us and on that oh so important goal. Who hasn’t taken a night off from work or put aside a project for a few days only to come back reinvigorated and with a new enthusiasm for the objective?

Obstacles are not only exterior forces. So too, they are also not always clearly negative things. While a strong work ethic and an ability to focus are important, we must take efforts to avoid burning ourselves out by getting too caught up in accomplishing any one given task. So remember to take breaks, take breaths and take time to assess yourself- because rushing to the finish line can mean you never make it at all.

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