But I Want It!

Putting it bluntly; making choices sucks. However you try to think of it there is something that you won’t be getting, something that you can’t have or help. When you walk away from picking, you will only have one new employee or one kind of new car, one new pair of shoes or    one school to send your kid to. It’s going to get you down, period.

The idea of making the right Decision is not only in weighing those options and picking the best choice but also in approaching the choice with the right attitude. It is only those with an uncontrollable avarice that refuse to believe that they can’t have it all. Living properly means making choices and realizing your limits. The acquisitive desire to have it all is not only childish, it is unhealthy. Therefore, the next time you have to choose don’t just remind yourself that you can’t always get what you want, keep in mind that getting it all is probably the worst choice you can make.

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