Bypassing Your Brain

So you agree that we are right about sense. You admit that your brain is complying information at a rate faster than you can comprehend it. Where does that get us? I mean, if your brain is working faster than you can think, what more is there for us to do? You can’t exactly go into the Apple Store and get an upgrade (just yet, that is). Simply put: What can we really do to actualize this mystical Sense?

Well, let’s think about it- if what your supercomputer of grey matter is doing is putting together all the information that your organs of discovery (commonly known as the senses) gather maybe the best bet is to bypass the processor and go straight to the source!

Think about it, if what you need is to get in touch with what your senses are telling your brain, maybe you just need to cut out the middleman. Sounds impossible? Far from it. There are all sorts of ways of getting in touch with your senses: meditate or do Yoga to get in tune with your sense of touch or hearing, challenge your nose to tell the difference between your decaf and regular coffee, go to a wine tasting. There are all sorts of ways to fine tune your senses and most of them can be fun. All it takes is some effort.

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