Can’t We Just Compromise?

Nobody likes making hard choices. To be honest, most people don’t really like making Decisions at all. Sure there are some people, hard-nosed CEOs or power-hungry maniacs who enjoy the feeling of picking, of assigning one option the place of importance and cosigning the other to oblivion, but most of us don’t. We, in the modern world, prefer compromise and  trade-offs. We’re much more pleased if everyone gets a little something out of a deal than if one person or idea “wins.” The simple fact of life, though, is that choices have to be made, Decisions have to be reached.

When you find yourself in one of those awful times, one of those increasingly rare, in this day-and-age, moments where it’s either one thing or the other remember the Ego Friendly way: gather information, weigh your options and choose with intelligence. You still have to make a choice, but hopefully it’ll be the right one.

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