Courage to NOT Change

You’ve done it; you’ve made that investment or proposed to that girl or opened that store you always dreamed of- the one which stocks only flesh eating plants like the Venus Fly Trap and its ilk. You’ve done your deciding and now all you’ve got to do is stick it out.

Many things in life are hard, many things in life take Courage– Not the courage of a soldier charging over No-Man’s Land into enemy fire, but courage that means staying the course when you believe in yourself and your choices.

There will be many voices whispering against your dreams and some of them may even come from within you. Not to say that you shouldn’t listen to your doubts or check the statistics on the number of people who collect and keep carnivorous herbage within a 100 square miles of where you plan on opening your store.

Fear can be good and thought should never be avoided but nameless doubts and faceless fears must be cast out by the shining light of your own self worth. Knowing you can and not listening to all those who say you can’t- that’s Courage.

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