Dream On!

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Last week’s episode of Glee was called “Dream On” and it dealt with the¬†Dreams we have and the things we do to reach them. Normally a very upbeat show, this episode had some sobering thoughts about the futility of irrational dreaming and the sad reality that wishes alone do not create reality.

Reality can be described as “that which is.” Dreams, for their part, can be called “that which is not.” But simple definitions don’t do justice to the heart-rending job of making that which is not into that which is. When you dream large, when your goals are high and your desire is big, sacrifices must be made. No one should ever tell you that your dream cannot be but, likewise, anyone who tells you that accomplishing them is easy is a lying, two-faced snake-oil salesman.

Dreams are work, dreams are hard. Isn’t that what makes them so great?

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