Dumb or Dumber?

What makes you wise? Is it knowing more than the average person, being at peace with the universe? Unlike with money, there is no quantifiable way to measure knowledge- no numbers you can put on it or system you can determine it with. Sure there’s your IQ, but that’s really just a rough estimate on what you have the ability to learn, not the knowledge you have. Some people are dumb as bricks but can memorize all sorts of facts, while there are certifiable geniuses who can’t remember anything that happened to them five minutes ago.

Wisdom is not something that we can measure, it is only something we can judge from experience. What we know is not the important factor- what matters is how we use the information we have and what we do in our lives to make sure we keep growing and learning. Because, if you’re going to ¬†measure intelligence, the best way to do so is by how hard you try to make sure that you never stop learning.

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