Ego and the NYC Triathlon

This past Sunday, Ego Friendly was proud to be one of the  sponsors of the New York City Triathlon. Thousands turned out to compete in the event, which was comprised of a 1500m swim, a 40k bike, and a 10k run. Now as competitive sporting events go, the NYC Triathlon is not up there with the famed New York Marathon or having your company name on a billboard at Yankee or Shea stadium but for us, the Triathlon was the perfect event.

Originating in France in the 1920s, triathlons are not just tests of strength or agility or stamina, they subject the particapants to a grueling diversity of Obstacles, ones that can only be overcome with training not only for each specific event but with a rigorous adherence to strengthening every aspect of your body and your will. What better event focuses on our principle of Obstacles?

In a Triathlon, as in life, victory does not go to the swiftest or the strongest but to the ones who prepare themselves. Success is given over to those who are willing to work hard and stay committed to their goals, to the people who prepare themselves for every eventuality and who see impediment as a opportunity, not as an obstacle.

We congratulate the winners in each category and all those who participated: Ego Friendly successes, one and all!

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4 Responses to “Ego and the NYC Triathlon”

  1. ryan says:

    I was a participant in the Triathlon this past Sunday. I got one of your wristbands in the goodie bag. I really like it.

  2. admin says:

    Glad you liked it. What Principle was it, might I ask?

  3. ryan says:

    It was the orange one. Obstacle. I like your version…Obstacles are your opportunities…I always thought of them that way.

  4. Mark says:

    The triathlon was a real test of endurance for me. I started training about a year ago. I am glad I put in the effort. It was well worth the climb….

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