Great Ones


Ask anyone who plays that crucial position on a baseball team, Shortstop, how he does it. How do you catch the ball, rocket it to the right base while still in mid-air and land so you don’t hurt something? Ask a Forward on a basketball team how he keeps track of his teammates or a Quarterback how he knows where the Running Back is going to be.

It’s just a Sense, they’ll tell you.

Nonsense! If it was “just” a sense then how come Dan Marino didn’t go straight to the NFL at the age of fourteen, how come Michael Jordan ever lost? If certain people have some sort of magical sense that allows them to just know where their teammates are, why should we even bother playing against them?

The answer, of course, is that there is a special sense but it is not magical. All great athletes dedicate hours of practice and years of their youth to developing every one of their senses and tuning them into their game, into their passion. After the years of training, the hours of never-ending practice a day, it develops into that sense- that seeming omni-cognizance of the field or the court.

So, what’s your game?

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