Humans- 1, Computers- 0

Our brains are amazing things. No, really. While it’s a known fact that the human brain is far superior to any computer or thinking machine ever invented, it’s stories like this one that really drive that point home. Imagine what this means for you, personally. Think of all those times that you’ve felt dumb or slow.  Think of all those times you’ve missed clues or misjudged a situation. That’s easy, we’ve all done it.

Now think of all those times that you’ve done it right- all those times your pattern recognition skills have played you right. Can’t? Now you’re just being difficult. How about when you recognized that childhood friend that you passed in the street, the one you haven’t seen since before puberty? Or the night that you stayed till closing time at your local pizza parlor beating Ms. Pac-man. Every time we make connections, understand events or just figure out the end of a mystery novel before the detective, we have our Sense to thank.

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