I Learned Something Today…

One of the most humorous parts of every South Park episode is when one of the boys, usually Stan or Kyle, gives a little speech at the end  starting with the words, “y’know… Ilearned something today…” and then going on to point out the (most often) skewed moral that he has accumulated from the last 20 minutes of that show. While the ironically mocking tone is quite clear, there is a kernel of truth in the running gag that rises above the the often sophomoric humor that surrounds it.

When was the last time you “learned something” from the seemingly random and chaotic events in your life? While most of us are lucky not to live in the small hamlet of Colorado known for it’s vulgarity and celebrity bashing there is an aspect of Wisdom that calls out from there that some of us are just lacking

So, what did you learn today?

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