It’s Not the Size…

When was the last time you stood up for yourself or something you believed in? The last time you took a stand or fought for a principle? The modern  world is filled with contradictions and confusions, things that make us wonder if what we’re doing is right or if what we’ve chosen is wrong. For many of us, Courage is something we dream of, something we yearn for- yet something we rarely actualize.

Yet true courage is not far off or hard to atain. Most of us can’t live by our ideals all the time but we can try to do what’s right once in a while- buy something from a local store rather than a big chain or refrain from joining the water cooler laughter over the latest gossip. It is the simple things, the little things, that we must first stand up for if we are going to eventually fight for the larger causes.

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One Response to “It’s Not the Size…”

  1. Mark says:

    I often find myself involved in mindless gossip and hurtful talk just to make conversation as I am sure we all do. Let’s try to refrain at least once a day…for starters….

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