Keeping your Peepers Peeled

We mentioned last week the importance of working, of plugging away at your goals until you reach discovery. Columbus only “discovered” America because he was striving to find new sea-routes and Fleming only came across Penicillin due to similar research. And no double-talk now, we’re not going to go back on our word and say, “well, yeah but there is a bit of luck involved.” There isn’t. Luck is nonsense, luck is fiction. Sure, you can have serendipity, the fortuitous coming together of events but even that requires that you keep your eyes open- that you be looking for things, seeking a pattern

If, truly, there is anything that makes someone a master at discovery besides sheer hard work it is that idea- that you must always have your eyes peeled for the next innovation, your attention focused on events around you so that when a “lucky” break comes along you can recognize it.

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