Leading by Example

A Michigan principal is getting a friendly send off from his students as he embarks on a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. Dundee High School Principal Bryan Schroeder will become Capt. Bryan Schroeder. An Army reservist, Schroeder served in Iraq in 2003 and has already completed his required service years. But he said he gives everyone the same answer when they ask him why he’s going back.

“Go through life and give, don’t always take. Go through life and make a better place for every one, not just yourself,” he said.

Bryan Schroeder is the principal at Dundee High School , but he’s also an Army reservist soldier. In just a few days he will begin training to go overseas for a new mission.

“At first I was kind of disappointed because he’s such a great principal but what he’s doing we are so proud of him”  said Grace Gimesky, Dundee High School student.

Principal Schroeder has been a leader at Dundee High School for the last three years but the students here are supporting him all the way on his next mission.

His wife and two boys will be waiting when he comes back, and so will many of his students. Many students wore t-shirts that said “Our Principal is Army Strong” as a way to support Schroeder.

“What I teach the kids, it’s very simple,” Schroeder said. “For every dollar you get, give two back. Go through your life with your hands on something positive, not always asking for something. So, I guess, I’m leading by example.”

Schroeder is a leader who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

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  1. mike says:

    Great story. I wish my principal would have been more like this guy. A shining example.

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