Learn to fight Alzheimer’s

Cindee Madison and Susan Landau/UC Berkeley

Think back over the last week, what comes to you? A fantastic meal, a stunning sunset? Is it a funny thing a co-worker said or a great movie you saw? Odds are, whatever it was, it wasn’t Wisdom.

For some reason we seem to believe that the gathering of knowledge is a young person’s game, that it’s something we’re supposed to stop doing as we get older and “grow-up.” How far from the truth this is. Many studies have shown that people who keep learning new things have a better chance of fighting off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. But more than that, people who keep learning new things- Know more things. Whether it’s how to change their own oil or how to make a kite, knowledge is power. It could be a more detailed understanding of the American Civil War or a more complete knowledge of Klingon. Our brains need to be fed and the sweetest treat to it is brand spankin’ new Wisdom. So why not tickle the tastebuds of your medulla oblongata and learn something new today.

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