Lessons From a Nine Year Old

Recently, the above picture has been making the rounds on Twitter, posted by user @sarahsaturday. Supposedly a sign that is hanging up in a 9 year old’s room, the list reminds the youngster to do what is right, to not attempt to avoid responsibility and to be confident. A wonderful little signpost for any child, surely but also something that we could each use in our day-to-day lives.

Think about it; haven’t you ever found yourself trying to whine your way out of a task, thought up excuses to not share or be fair and found yourself nodding off at critical moments when you KNOW you should be paying attention? Of course you have, we all have, at one time or another.

Maybe it’s your parents’ fault, you’ll say, maybe you weren’t raised properly. How can you be blamed if no one made such a straight forward, helpful and colorful sign for you when you were nine? Well, true as that may or may not be- you are your own person now. NOW you are responsible for yourself and that means not just as you are, but as you should be. If you ever want to do something great with yourself or for the world, you need to be the best possible person you can and while this little list may not contain everything you need to set your life up, it’s a pretty good starter kit.

So the next time you haven’t done all you could or worked as hard as you know you should, think of this little list, tick off the points on it and see if you’ve followed through on all of them. It is only when we have decided to bring out the best in ourselves, when we have reached our full potential, that we can discover greatness in the world around us.

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