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Perception is a pretty tricky thing. Our eyes can convince us that some squiggles and dots are a three dimensional image, that a still image is moving and even that there’s a whole subterrianan world under our feet! How do we do it? How can our mind take flat, simple pictures and report that they’re “real”? Like everything else, it all goes back to our brains. Our eyes, amazing devices that they are, are nothing more than information gathering tools- it is the brain that does the sorting, the processing. There’s a brief lag between our seeing things and our brain putting the information together. Caught between what we’re seeing and what we expect to see, our brain fills things in as best it can, creating the illusion that things are real when they are not.
Sense is when we use all of our senses to make sure our brains don’t get tricked too often. As real as a chalk drawing can look, there’s no feeling of air coming from the cave or smells of water flowing from a spring. Only when we open up all our senses and use them can we truly trust the information we are getting.

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  1. Cathy says:

    sometimes my mind plays tricks on me!

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