Manning Up

”Be a man.” Who hasn’t heard that phrase or variations on it? In ever life there are times when we must bite the bullet and make the tough choices, times when choice seems to be taken from you and the odds seem to be against you. It is those times that we are told to “man up” or “grow a pair.” And, despite the phraseology, the metaphor is and can be applied to women just as equally. People aren’t saying that it is a masculine attribute to be brave, that it is only men who can accomplish. What someone means when he says that is that, like a man’s body does, you must show the outward signs of your strength, you must make it as clear as the muscles on a bicep or the tautness of a limb that you can do what it takes, no matter what.

And courage is exactly that- the ability to do what it takes, when the time calls for it, no matter what.

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