The Positive Power of Passion

Almost all children have dreams for their lives, and yet as adults we tend to forget those dreams and settle for doing things out of obligation. We begin to live our lives on autopilot, doing the same things every day like robots. If we continue to exist like this, we will unquestionably shrivel up and die inside. Snap out of it! Decide today that you are going to stop living a life of drudgery. Find your true passion, and begin to truly live.

Don’t let a lack of self-confidence hold you back from the life you’ve always wanted, either. Too many people yearn to do something but never start because they are convinced that they could never be good at it. That’s a bunch of baloney. Every single person has the ability to do anything that they want to, as long as they are passionate about it. In truth, not only do they have the ability to simply do it, but they can become amazing at it.

That’s exactly what happened with the people in the video. They said to themselves, “I am going to do something I love.” Their passion drove them forward, and they began to immerse themselves in what they had decided to do. Eventually, they became so incredible at it that they could do things you wouldn’t have even thought were possible. There is no question that the lives of the people in the video are exciting and exhilarating. They are happy, and you can be, too– simply follow your dreams.

Passion is what makes life enjoyable, but what if you don’t know what your true passion is? How do you find it? Actually, it’s not as hard as it may seem; just follow these three simple steps:

Step one: Ask yourself some basic questions.

What makes you feel happy just thinking about it? What stimulates you to become more creative than you normally are? What did you dream about as a child? What would you gladly spend hours doing without getting paid for it? What could you talk about forever? Asking yourself these types of questions can help you discover your passion.

Step two: Do some research.

Once you find something that answers all of the above questions, learn everything you can about it; talk to experts, read books, and visit Internet sites. If you become more excited about the topic the more you learn about it, you may have found your passion. If not, keep looking.

Step three: Try it out.

Once you have found something that you think is your passion, start doing it and assess how it makes you feel. If it is truly your life’s passion, you will feel vibrantly alive while doing it. You won’t mind working at it and putting forth the effort to become great, and when you do it, you will often find yourself completely losing track of time.

Find your passion. Put the spice into your life. Wow the world.

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