Personal Wisdom

Can you name them all?

Wisdom: What have you got? We all have so much information cluttering our brains that if we tried to put it on modern storage devices we would have to spend thousands of dollars at our local computer outlet buying hard drives. OK, so that’s information, but what in there is Wisdom, what in there is useful in our everyday lives? Not much, you might say. Who needs to know the starting lineup of the Miracle Mets or the quadratic equation? Fair enough, but so much of what we have stored up there is not just boring old facts. We know how to tie our shoes, how to drive a car or how to spell. We know how to do our jobs and how to make change of a Twenty.

Not such important stuff, you might say. But that’s where you’re wrong. Wisdom is not, despite what some Academic in his ivory tower wants you to think, a collection of famous dates or infamous personages. Wisdom is the knowledge that gets us through the day and onward in our lives. It is not a qualitative thing, rather, it is a personal one.

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