Pop Quiz, Hot-Shot

Your boss just invited your hated rival into his office and shut the door. Panic. Are you going to lose the big contract? Is that jackal of a co-worker in there right now telling his racy jokes and throwing out subtle insults about your abilities? Unless you know a way to get super-hearing in the next five seconds you have no way of knowing. So what do you do?

Simple; take a deep breathe and call on the power of your Sense. Let your mind wander and relax, gathering all the facts and incidents over the last few days. Has your boss glanced over at your desk more than usual? When you made polite chit-chat with your nemesis, did you see any papers on his desk or windows on his computer that related to your project? Of course, you may not have noticed these things at the time, but that’s what Sense is all about- your brain collecting and cataloguing information even without you being aware of it.

Obviously, this is not a sure-fire system but taking the time to call on your Sense and put the pieces together is a much better activity than sitting at your desk and biting your nails.

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