Practice Makes Perfect

Deciding to move is a big deal; deciding to get a sprinkled donut instead of a glazed, not so much. So what is so special about making decisions? Some are big deals, yes but others are just junk. In fact, if you were to do the math you would find that something like 99% of the decisions you make are trivial or pertain to trivial matters. So, back to our question then: What’s the big deal, why all the talk and hullabaloo about making¬†Decisions and weighing options?

Because how we make decisions that 99% of the time has a direct relation to how well we do that super important one. We must train ourselves to think, to measure and decide without fear, even when it’s just what color to get your new car in, so that when it’s time to make a big choice- like where apply for college, you know how to do it.

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