Psyching Yourself Up

What does it take to make yourself brave? Do you need to psych yourself up in the mirror before a big event or down a can of Redbull? Maybe you’re the sort of person who likes to wear a certain article of clothing to give you courage; a power tie or meaningful brooch. Whatever it is that gives you strength, it’s really not the ritual or the item that gives you the power you need.

Icons and totems have existed for centuries. Ancient peoples would call on their ancestors or heroes to help them through times of trouble. Many tribal peoples would choose an animal or element to represent them or their people as a way to show their focus or uniqueness. All of these things are very similar to the way we encourage ourselves to win or, “psych ourselves up.”

Whether it’s a picture of Michael Jordan or your three wolf moon t-shirt, what you’re doing is not so strange or new. You, like millions of people before you have done, are reminding yourself about what it is that you have within yourself that makes you a winner, that makes you special. And once you’ve realized that, the battle is more than half over.

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