By: Silver, The Vampire Princess

By: Silver, the Vampire Princess

Where was it that you last got that tingle? That prickling in the back of your neck or pressure on the top of your head, you know the one. That feeling that something was behind you or coming at you. Did you feel it as you jogged in the park and a cyclist zipped past you? Did you get it when your baby was falling off the table she shouldn’t have climbed on? Whenever and wherever it was it probably, once you had dodged the bike or rescued your child, filled you with a weird sensation; a feeling of oddness or supernatural wonder.

Happily, there is nothing supernatural or odd about¬†Sense. All it means is that your “usual” five senses are working well. For only when all our regular senses are ticking away can our brain inform us of things we didn’t even know we knew. So, next time it happens don’t get goosebumps- just give yourself, and your brain, a pat on the back.

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