Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Copyrght: Bryan Lee OMalley
Copyrght: Bryan Lee O’Malley

As the PR campaign and internet buzz builds up for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (August 13th) people are abuzz about the visual effects, the hip young cast and the sheer fun the movie seems to promising to deliver. Here at Ego Friendly we have been aware of Scott and his battle with Ramona Flower’s Evil Exes for quite some time and can think of no better example of our Obstacle principle.

Scott Pilgrim, an immature 20something, is madly in love with hip, put-together Ramona Flowers. The only problem? To win her love he must battle (ala every player vs. player video game ever) all the ex-boyfriends (and one girlfriend) that she has left behind. This is not the place to discuss the brilliant work of Bryan Lee O’Malley and his perfect integration of Manga, video games and slapstick or that Edgar Wright‘s film version looks to be one of the finest Comic-to-Movie adaptations ever. Our focus is on the moral. How many of us have felt the desire to prove ourselves to the ones we loved and wished there was some easier way to show them that we aren’t like all the others? Who hasn’t wished that we could prove it in an awesome slam-bang, winner-takes-all, no-holds-barred fight rather than with just showing, time and again that we are in it to win it?

Sadly, the real world is not the funny books or the movies; those of us who want to prove our love, or our value anywhere, have to do it the old fashioned way, through hard work and the overcoming of obstacles.

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