Smell Ya Later

One of the most amazing senses we have is that of smell. Experts can smell the multitude of ingredients in a perfume or the variety of spices in a soup. The average person, though not as talented due to lack of training, can still gather a lot of information with his nasal sensor, if he just knows how to “listen.”

Every walk into a total stranger’s house, catch a whiff of something and find yourself transported back somewhere? Your grandparents home or a fateful summer? That’s your nose working overtime. See, the nose does a lot more than just smell. Your olfactory sense, like all of your¬†Senses, is connected to your brain. Your brain has stored, somewhere in it’s catelouge of odors, every smell that has made a major impact on you; every odor from a moment of importance or a person you loved. And all it takes to bring it out is a smell that is the same.

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