Thank You, Brain!

Sense is something that most of us are not even aware of. Our bodies have the ability to receive information from a variety of stimuli and our brain is able to take those signals and interpret them for us. What the brain does with this info, though, is more than just decoding. The brain takes that information and makes a selection- it picks what is important and what isn’t. What the brain feels we can handle it passes on to our consciousness, what it thinks is useless it gets rid of. But there is a third category.

The third type is information that our brain knows is important but our consciousness doesn’t; information that needs to used sooner than it would be if we were allowed to “think” about it. So our brain takes charge and we: catch a ball, jump over a hole, duck just in time or start tuning in after our spouse has said, “…agreed to watch them for the week.”

So let’s here it for our brain and our senses for their amazing, life-saving, prowess.

Originally posted on 4/30/10

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