The Death of Courage

In the ultra-modern, hi-tech world we live in, it is sometimes thought that the concept of courage is gone. Gone the way Chivalry is gone or the dinosaurs. The cynics out there will tell you that there is no more courage, there is just a world made up of people doing the best they can to do the best. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Being courageous does not require a war or a battle. (though, to be fair, we have plenty of those going on now…) Courage needs combat like Chivalry needs chain-mail. Courage is not rising to the challenge blindly, as we point out over and over again. Courage is going into a fight knowing what’s at stake- whether it be an interview, a court case or even a argument. Courage is facing down an obstacle that you know can harm you, but taking that risk anyway.

And when that’s dead, the Human Race will be as well.

Originally posted 4/2/10

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