The Extra Mile

When something is really in your way it’s often very difficult to see it as an opportunity but it is. In fact, those tough tasks and those seemingly impassable blockages are what bring out the best in us.

Think of those last ten minutes of your work out; you’re exhausted, you’re sweaty and you just want to hit the showers and the sauna. We all know that it is then that we can truly push ourselves to new heights. It is then, with your shirt plastered to your back and your breath working like bellows that you can discover that you truly do have that extra bit of something, that drive that equals true success.

How often have you sat before a project or assignment that seems impossible, a true obstacle that seems to have you completely stymied- only to find that suddenly, almost magically, you have figured out the solution. You know full well that it’s that extra push, that final drive that has gotten you there and if you had admitted defeat only moments ago, at the time when all seemed lost, you never would have found your way.

So remember, tired as you are, beaten as you seem, it is only at times like that that you can truly learn what you are made of.

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  1. Cathy says:

    NEVER GIVE UP! Keep on pushing. Success may be only an inch away!

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