The Great Detective

Some call him “The Great Detective” some simply, “The Master.” To most people he is known by his given name: Sherlock Holmes. Made famous at the turn of the 19th century by struggling physician Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes was so popular that even after Doyle killed the character off the unceasing letters from fans (including his own mother) forced Doyle to bring back his most beloved creation.

Holmes popularity has never really dissipated, the BBC just introduced a new show set in the modern day and Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are on set working on their second film about the detective. So what is it about Holmes that has made him a perennial favorite? While it would be nice to say it was his wide berth of knowledge (From the minutiae of tattoo inks to job specific indications of someone’s hands) it is really not what Sherlock knew but how he applied it that makes him so interesting to this day.

Deduction, or reasoning from inference, is what Holmes is famous for- the ability to take information, seemingly abstract, and apply it to what he sees around him. It is this gift that amuses and astounds readers of every age and every generation, and it is that ability that we must seek for ourselves. It is only through use of our knowledge, only through connection of the seemingly useless wisdom in our head to the mundane of life that we can truly say we are using it.

Need an example? The video below will show you how the great one himself did it.

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