The Sweet Smell of the Seasons

Can you smell that scent in the air? That elusive one, the one that smells sharp or wet or fresh? That smell that heralds with it the changing of the seasons? On the east coast of America that biting odor that pulls at your nostrils is only paralleled by the permeating smell of woodsmoke coming out of chimneys. In the Southern Hemisphere, the rich wet smell of spring is making way for the clear, fragrant odor of summer.

We can categorize just about everything- seasons, lovers, places, books, by almost any one of our senses. We can think of the feel of an old volume under our fingers, the site of your girlfriend’s crooked nose, the taste of Winter, because our senses are not just unconnected probing tools but infinitely sensitive miracles connected to the most amazing processor of all time- our brain.

Our senses collect the information, but our brain deduces from it, learns from it. It is that which tells you that the smell of turkey, the sight of Autumnal colors and the fell of damask table clothe means Thanksgiving dinner.

So as you find yourself, at this time when the leaves are turning colors and the air is replete with odors, feeling that it is finally, really, Fall- thank your brain and those wonderful analytical instruments you were born with, for it all.

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