Trivia Vs. Wisdom

Every one has a hobby, something they may have obsessed over when they were younger, grew less fanatical about but still have a keen interest in. Stamp collectors who no longer hit up pawnbrokers or estate sales but still get Philately Monthly and read it through before the next one gets there. Maybe it was a dissertation for college or even an important paper for High School- maybe it’s a musical you saw and fell in love with, so much so that you saw it weekly, hung out with the cast and met the writer of.

Most of us, in whatever we think of as our “careers”, don’t think the knowledge gained from these past times is useful, we disdain it and disparage it publicly, either at a party or at work. But Wisdom is as Wisdom does and you’d be surprised how much of it you really have.

Say your nephew starts stamp collecting or your son needs help with his civil war diorama. Maybe you have a client who bemoans never getting to see that show of yours before it closed curtains. All that “junk” and “silly trivia” suddenly look a whole lot different now, don’t they?

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