Two Simple Steps

What do you want to discover? C’mon, we know you’ve got something- everyone does. It might just be a great deal on your holiday shopping or that perfect pair of shoes to go with your killer outfit, but everyone is looking for something. Maybe you have higher goals and you’re looking to develop a following for your new website or finish your book. It doesn’t matter, whatever you are working on will be aided by a few simple steps.

1. Research

Learn about your subject matter. For some things, it’s easy: you probably already know all there is to know about designer footwear if you’re stalking those 2005 Jimmy Choos on ebay. Other tasks require more work, but the payoff is always worth it. There’s no way you’re going to get visitors to your site if you don’t learn about Google ADSense and Social Media.

2. Work

Nothing is going to get you what you want for nothing. You must always strive to achieve, to accomplish, to create. Deciding that you’ve done enough, that it’s just “not happening” is not an option. Unless you don’t really care in the first place.

That’s really it. I know you were all hoping for some sure-fire cure, some magical list that would give you everything, but this is really all there is: these two things are what it takes, nothing more.

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