Uncommon Sense

Thomas Paine, author of "Common Sense"

Common Sense, growing up we all heard a lot about this concept. If we did something wrong or acted funny, we were told it “went against” common sense. Wearing your coat in the rain, even if only a brief sun-shower, is common sense. Not playing in the mud was common sense. You get the idea. OK, so then tell me- what is uncommon sense?

Well, let’s start with what we know: Common Sense seems to be facts and actions that our society and brains can and have figured out for themselves. Would that make uncommon sense things we haven’t figured out? Well, common means belonging to everyone and uncommon means rare, so maybe uncommon sense are those things and action that are sensible, but just haven been figured out by everyone.

So how did these special few, these “uncommon” people find these things out? Simple answer: sense. They listened to their brains and their bodies, not just the crowd. Tapping in to that amazing collector that is our sensory apparatus, they came to uncommon conclusions, but ones that made sense, nonetheless.

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