What Do you Recall?

Remember the smell of your grandmother’s kitchen or the soft feel of that first hand you held? Can you taste those perfect waffles you had in Maine that day or see, in your mind’s eye, that stunning Pollack they have up at the Met? Your brain is a lot more than just a machine to keep you alive, it is also a database that keeps you living.

Most of the memories that are kicking around in our heads are easy to understand the import of; your grandma made you happy, that first special someone is still special, those waffles were amazing, that painting blew your mind. But what about the strange details we recall? Why do you remember the prongs on the moose head in Maine, or the design on Grandma’s wallpaper?

No one can say, for sure, why we remember all the things we do- maybe to keep memories vivid, maybe because these little details have more importance than we realize. Whatever it is, you have to trust your Sense.

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