Where Ever Shall I go, Whatever Shall I do?

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How do you choose? So many of the great works of literature have focused around this issue; Scarlett O’Hara’s decision to treat the men in her life the way she did, The Old Man who had to decide what to sacrifice; his dignity or his fish, the young Hobbit who had to chose to ignore the seductive call of power. Everyone chooses. Sure, some rotters get out of it, as Medea did, with a Deus ex Machina which makes the repercussions of their actions harmless but they still had to make a Decision.

The great epics deal with these theme throughout the ages- Hamlet must decide between action and inaction and Luke has to choose between the Force or the Dark Side. There is a reason for this- there is a theme. Human life, and therefore stories that mirror or discuss human life, is all about Decisions.

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