Wise Men Say Only Fools Rush In

Wisdom, for the most part, is something we are told comes with time. Knowledge, we are led to believe, is something that accrues over time slowly, adding layers and layers of wisdom to our spirits like the shell of a snail or the breadth of a tree. The converse of this, obviously, is that younger people are dumb. Well, when does “true wisdom” begin? After you’re fifty? Seventy-Five? Do you need to apply for it, like AARP membership or does a certificate just come in the mail, like Social Security checks?

Clearly, it doesn’t work that way. Wisdom, like so many other things, is subjective. When we say wisdom comes with age what we really mean is that knowledge comes with experience, with familiarity. No one expects someone to know how to tie their shoes without practice but, equally, no one expects it to take years to master. So, yes, wisdom comes with time- but that doesn’t mean age or senility, it just means practice.

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