Wise Up!

Mother by James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Everyone has their favorite sayings; something you may have learned on your mother’s knee or from a favorite teacher. Very often, these saying are simple or even downright wrong. So much of the knowledge we treasure is really anything but. This is why the wisdom, the true facts and rules of life that work, we have gathered is oh so precious.

Wisdom is not one thing, it is the accumulation of everything we have ever learned. So how do we do we gain this precious gift? How do we gather important facts and separate the dross from the gold? We can think, is what we can do. We can check and re-check the current events around us and ask ourselves what we can learn from it, ask ourselves what actions we have seen recently that were wise and what words we read, heard or even spoken ourselves that might fall under the category of wisdom.
Sometimes it will be hard to tell what is wise and what only seems it, but the truest test is time- if the words hold true as much 10 years from now as today, you’re probably set.

Originally Posted: February 17th, 2010

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