Wise With Time

Sometimes we find ourselves with a new situation; marriage, a new job, parenthood, any number of myriad things that we can prepare for, plan for, as much as we want knowing the whole time that all that preparation is not going to be enough. Amassing knowledge and practice at any given task is important, but true wisdom is only going to come with time.

Bernie Wrightson, the legendary artist whose work is featured in this article, once told an aspiring artist that “you have 10,000 bad drawings in you that you have to get out before you can become good.” Now this is a master craftsman telling an art school trained novice something important. This wasn’t just some off-hand remark, this was a fact. No matter how much training you get, no matter how much you think you know, true ability and insight is only going to come with years of actual real-world experience. So do your homework, read your baby books and speak to your spiritual advisor, but remember it is only with time that one can be truly wise.

Originally Posted 4/7/10

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