Work Work Work

Discoveries don’t just happen. We’ve said it time and time again and it doesn’t stop being true. All the great inventions throughout time, all the great discoveries made for the benefit of all mankind- even all the personal discoveries made by successful people- they don’t just happen.

All right, fair enough you think- but what does it take? Does it require the genius of Albert Einstein or the determination of a Tony Robbins? No. All that it requires is some work.

Okay, so “some work” might be putting it lightly. As Robbins himself says, “Focus is power.” The Ability to drive yourself- to be determined and to push yourself- to never lose sight of your goal- that is the true key to discovery.

Whether it’s discovering E=Mc2 or getting your life in order, figuring out how to work your Tivo or making positive changes in your outlook- it all takes work.

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